A lesser spotted wood alien

I was walking along a secluded beach in Cornwall when I caught sight of this amazing creature. I took this shot then, unfortunately, fumbled in my haste when I tried to switch to video mode on my phone. By the time I was ready to capture the alien in motion, it had run away.


Soft whispers

A young man once spoke sweet nothings to his sweetheart while leaning on this gate. They dreamed together in soft whispers, talking for hours about their future life and the possibility of happy times to come.

Although many years have come and gone since that moment, I can still see the smiles, the sparkling glances, and the tender touch of young love. It’s as if a glimpse of life was recorded in the wood and stone.

Do you see their ghosts too? Or do you see nothing but a simple gate?

Dream Journal

Love lane and the blood glacier

Love Lane

It was a country lane, a simple dirt track, that began across the road from a solitary old house. The house really existed in the waking world, the lane did not. The fabrication from my mind was called ‘Love Lane’. I knew its name because a faceless voice told me so. The voice also warned me not to venture down ‘Love Lane’, because it was full of sorrow.

Needless to say, I did. After walking for a short while along the lane, my gaze fell upon a peculiar tree. The odd thing about the tree was the fact that there were a number of children sat high up upon the branches. All of the children were crying, and after a few confused seconds, so was I.

The Blood Glacier

The glacier was far off in the distance, across a cold and barren wasteland. I walked towards it. As I drew near, I could see darkness at the foot of the creeping mountain of ice. I slowly continued on, moving closer and closer, until I realised that the darkness was actually an enormous amount of blood.

Awash, many tens of feet across and equal in height, of deep crimson, covered the bottom of the glacier’s sheer face. The macabre blood art also had a vast scattering of bones, skulls, and other human debris.

Just the rambling mind of a ten-year-old boy

‘Love Lane’ and ‘The Blood Glacier’ are names that I gave to two separate and, as far as I know, unrelated dreams I had when I was a young boy (around ten years of age). The slaughter at the foot of the glacier was a recurring dream I had on at least three occasions, and the dream was always the same.

Thirty-odd years later and I can still remember them both with near-perfect clarity. It’s strange what remains among the chaos and cobwebs upstairs. By the by, the old house was of the haunted variety, but that’s a story for another time.