A thirsty rock monster

I caught sight of this amazing creature while walking through the woodland at Shaugh Prior, on Dartmoor. The rock monster was taking a drink from the crystal clear waters of the River Plym.

I watched it for a few seconds before it became aware of me and froze. I don’t know why they are called ‘monsters’, because they are shy creatures really. Some people mistake them for trolls, but it is usually quite easy to tell them apart; a Rock Monster has flowery protuberances on its head, whereas Trolls have wart-like growths.

Anyway, I took a picture then slowly continued on my way, leaving the thirsty Rock Monster to finish its drink. As the saying goes, ‘You never know what you will find, if you go down to the woods today’.


A forest poem

A poem that wrote itself

Sometimes a poem writes itself, with words falling upon you like leaves from a gently swaying tree, this was one such time. I sat on the bank of the river Plym, in Shaugh Prior woods on Dartmoor, listened to the woodland whisper and wrote down this little ditty. I hope you enjoy this poem as much as I did dipping my toes while writing it.

Deep into a forest I did go, to be among life only the trees did know.

I sat on the bank of a gentle stream. Happy to let my mind wander and begin to dream.

As I listened to the birds sing and hoped the spirits would show, I became calm, at peace, and lost any sense of woe.

In no time my heart was lifted, as I lay back and my mind drifted.

Come with me said a voice from afar, for I see you have many a mental scar.

I let go and left the bounds of my physical limit, to gladly be led by the woodland spirit.

For a brief moment in time I had no earthly ties. Glad to leave far behind the rat-race and lies.

Sunbeams and diamond-dew guided my path, while mischievous creatures did cause me to laugh.

I know not the time I spent lazing that day, as my soul was happily drawn away.

My love for nature was growing, as I was consumed by this forest poem.