Blog Poetry

The Troll under the tree

I’m a Troll who lives under a tree.
Deep in the forest, just where I like to be.

I’m not a Troll who causes grief on the web,
just a harmless wee creature who likes his bed.

I sleep throughout the day until the sun goes down,
at which point all my friends come round.

You see I’m not the only Troll who lives under a tree.
There are many of us and this is where we all like to be.

While wandering in the woods

You never know what you will find when you go off a-wandering in the woods. I’ve walked through this part of the woods many times, but I’ve never noticed this strange little cave before; I say ‘little’ but I’ve no idea how big it actually is in there.

Unfortunately, the torch on my mobile phone couldn’t illuminate any more than a few feet in, and there are bars stopping any would-be adventurers from exploring any further. And since there were numerous dubious items scattered about the bars, I wasn’t about to poke about too much.

It’s probably something to do with ground saturation due to high rainfall, but I like the idea of a Troll or some other wee-beastie living in there.

Blog Photography

An altar to time

I’ve seen similar altars in various other parks and woodland walks, ranging from simple wooden ones to ornate marble creations. This splendid example is in Ham Woods in Plymouth. If you see one, don’t walk on by, stop and rest awhile. Listen to the birds and the rustling trees while you let your soul breathe. Make a sacrifice of five minutes at an altar to time.


A thirsty rock monster

I caught sight of this amazing creature while walking through the woodland at Shaugh Prior, on Dartmoor. The rock monster was taking a drink from the crystal clear waters of the River Plym.

I watched it for a few seconds before it became aware of me and froze. I don’t know why they are called ‘monsters’, because they are shy creatures really. Some people mistake them for trolls, but it is usually quite easy to tell them apart; a Rock Monster has flowery protuberances on its head, whereas Trolls have wart-like growths.

Anyway, I took a picture then slowly continued on my way, leaving the thirsty Rock Monster to finish its drink. As the saying goes, ‘You never know what you will find, if you go down to the woods today’.