While waiting for my next job

While waiting for another job to come in I thought I’d have a go at writing and publishing a post entirely from my mobile phone. Never done it before, so I’ll probably mess it up somehow. Seems pretty straight forward so far though.

I spend a lot of time sat in lay-bys. This one is by a pretty little bridge on the way to Launceston.

If you haven’t read my ‘about page‘ and are wondering what I do to pay the bills while waiting for my novel to take off, I’m a self-employed courier (yep, a white van man). A crap job, but I do get to see a bit more of the UK which is sometimes cool. And while hopping from traffic jam to traffic jam I get plenty of time to think about my stories, which also stops my brain turning to mush.

Right, let’s push the publish button and see if it works. Bye for now ;0)