Privacy Policy

(1) Privacy Policy for

(1.1) Privacy is important to me and should be to you too. Although I hope people enjoy their visit to my website and find it interesting, I do not use any sneaky means to infringe on their personal privacy, and the technology running my website provides me with no means to know who you are personally, unless you decide to tell me via a comment or message.

(2) However, the technology running my website does tell me:

1 – How many people are visiting my website.
2 – How visitors navigate around my website.
3 – Where in the world visitors to my website are coming from.
4 – What are visitors clicking-on while using my website.

(2.2) The above is possible by way of non-personally identifiable information (Cookies and server requests), and gives me information like: Unique visitor count, amount of pages each visitor looks at, the rough location of the visitor’s ISP (Internet Service Provider), and other information that helps me make my website easily understood and run smoothly. None of the information I gain from a visitors interaction with my website can identify that visitor at a personal level.

(3) Comments and messages:

(3.1) If a visitor decides to write a comment to any of my posts, then it is fair and appropriate that I should know who it is who wrote it. However, apart from the contents of a visitor’s message, which is whatever the visitor chooses to divulge, the information of ‘who’ wrote the message is still non-identifiable at a personal level.

(3.2) If a visitor contacts me directly through my contact page, then I should have enough information about said visitor to be able to respond via email. Again, the information I will gain from the message is non-identifiable at a personal level, apart from the contents of the message itself, which is whatever the sender chooses to divulge.

(4) Any questions about my privacy policy?

(4.1) If you have any questions about the privacy policy for my website (, you can contact me directly via my contact page.

(5) Updates:

(5.1) This privacy policy may be altered, added to, or completely rewritten at any time, but if it is, I will detail any changes I make in the notes section below.


  • 6th of July, 2017: Privacy policy created.
  • 7th of July, 2017: Header image (me in snowy Scotland) added. Section numbers added. Line added to section 1.1. Word added to section 3.2. Photograph credit added. Layout altered for section 2.1.

Credit for above photo:
Photograph taken by Linda MacKillican.