Blog Photography

Morning glory

A simple moment that made me smile when I awoke this morning.

Blog Relaxing

Going somewhere while going nowhere

Finding a moment of peace

I’ve been having a bit of a digital tidy-up while staying at home and trying to stay the hell away from mother nature’s wrath. And I’ve found a load of relaxing films I made many moons ago.

This one is a short film I made while wandering along the pebble beach at Jennycliff Bay in Plymouth. The video quality is a bit crap but it’s still quite calming to watch and listen to, and it also helped take my mind off this bloody pandemic for a few minutes.

If current events are getting to you too, press play and take some time out.

ASMR Trigger

When I checked the film, to make sure I hadn’t recorded any unwanted sights or sounds, I noticed that the sound of the pebbles crunching under my feet and the waves gently sizzling ashore triggered my autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR).

ASMR is a pleasant tingling sensation that is provoked by certain sights and sounds, and is usually felt running over the scalp or on the back of the neck. If you are also one of the lucky few who experience this wonderful feeling, I hope it triggers your ASMR too.

Blog Poetry

The Troll under the tree

I’m a Troll who lives under a tree.
Deep in the forest, just where I like to be.

I’m not a Troll who causes grief on the web,
just a harmless wee creature who likes his bed.

I sleep throughout the day until the sun goes down,
at which point all my friends come round.

You see I’m not the only Troll who lives under a tree.
There are many of us and this is where we all like to be.

While wandering in the woods

You never know what you will find when you go off a-wandering in the woods. I’ve walked through this part of the woods many times, but I’ve never noticed this strange little cave before; I say ‘little’ but I’ve no idea how big it actually is in there.

Unfortunately, the torch on my mobile phone couldn’t illuminate any more than a few feet in, and there are bars stopping any would-be adventurers from exploring any further. And since there were numerous dubious items scattered about the bars, I wasn’t about to poke about too much.

It’s probably something to do with ground saturation due to high rainfall, but I like the idea of a Troll or some other wee-beastie living in there.