About Daniel MacKillican

Daniel MacKillican is I, and this is my story so far

I’m a British writer, lucid dreamer, blogger, wine lover, and struggling yet optimistic indie author. I came into this world on the fifteenth day of September 1973, in Bathavon, Somerset, England. A few years passed, then the location for my story changed to Bristol, where I gained my lovely accent and hate of concrete.

Imagination is a wonderful and precious thing

In my early teens, I became a bit of a loner. Not for any deep, dark, psychological reason. I simply preferred the company of my own imagination to that of mixing with others. In fact, my reclusive nature is not much different now to what it was back then. But I digress, back to my delinquent younger self.

With the fearlessness of youth, I explored the old dilapidated industrial ruins of the big city. Times of long ago and times that never were would manifest in my mind’s eye. Crumbling warehouses became temples on some distant alien world, and rusty machinery became defeated robots from some fierce battle. My imagination travelled through the realm of make-believe, ideas exploding at every turn. Unfortunately, by days end, the script for those adventures usually dissolved into a forgotten void. Sometimes, however, the stories became childish scrawl upon a crumpled page. How I wish I still had some of those crumpled pages… Anyway…

Daniel MacKillican
Daniel MacKillican and his furry Angel.

I love making stuff up and writing it down

Many Moons have come and gone since my make-believe adventures amongst the industrial decay of Bristol. Over the years real life has also been quite an interesting experience, apart from the odd blip here and there. I’ve found that my grey matter is spun into motion by a wide variety of things. But my overriding passion is and has always been creative writing.

Inner demons and self-deprecation

Unfortunately, I shied away from letting anyone else read my stories or glance an eye over my penned musings. A silly fear of being told my work is utter crap held me back. I thought my writing was crap too because the voices in my head told me so. Kill that futile writing bug and focus on a real job, was what my inner demons used to say. Obviously, this is a bad frame of mind to have had. Beacons to this self-deprecation are the numerous writing pads that lay randomly scattered upon my bookshelves. Pads once scrawled upon with vigour, until the covers were slapped shut.

Overcoming my silly fears

The stories were thrown on a shelf between beautiful books written by literary greats. Other writers who took that next step and let their stories see the light of day. Now that I’ve reached that ‘funny age’ and started wondering what life’s all about, I’ve no idea why I let the fear of failure hold me back for so long. I’ve decided to just go for it and see what happens.

‘What the hell, and come what may, I will publish my work’.

— Me in 2016, when I stopped worrying about failure.

From paper to the digital page

I’ve written numerous short stories, usually in the horror or science fiction genre, although I do occasionally dabble in other areas too. I also write down my thoughts in the form of poems. The subject matter for my poetry is as eclectic as my tales, from happy musings to dark and twisted verse, and sometimes I just pen the lyrical nonsense that leaps from my brain.

I plan to find all my old neglected notepads, blow away the years of dust, and transfer the handwritten stories to the digital pages of my website. All the poems and stories I add will be accompanied by audio narration, usually read by yours truly, so you can delight in my dulcet tones. In fact, I’m actually planning to add audio narration to every page of this website. Well, I have a rather cool microphone, so it seems a shame not to make use of it.

A box of Ama paperbacks
Ama, my first self-published novel.

Ama… Daniel MacKillican… A really real novel by me!

Yep, I was somewhat happy the day I held a paperback copy of Ama in my excited hands and read ‘Daniel MacKillican’ on the front cover. The ebook and professionally produced audiobook versions of Ama are also available to enjoy for free on this website. Since some folks prefer to enjoy a good read by way of other means, it would be remiss of me if I didn’t mention that Ama is also available in the following formats but will cost ya a little cold hard cash: Kindle, Audible audiobook, Google Play Books, iTunes audiobook, and Barnes and Noble Nook book. I think Ama would make a great gift for any lovers of original horror, and the reasonably priced paperback would make a great addition to any old-school horror library … Just saying!

Dreamtime escapades

As well as trying to be creative in this reality, I also enjoy experiencing hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations and trying to consciously explore my dreams. Sometimes, I manage to control my dreams with God-like powers (aka lucid dreams). I intend to keep a record of my dream-time adventures in the form of a dream journal on this website, which will make for some weird reads.

Waiting for my ship to come in

I currently live in Cornwall with my wife, Linda, and Raya, my German Shepherd. I still have a ‘normal job’ as a self-employed courier, while waiting for my ship to come in. It’s a tedious job, but the long hours on the road does give me time to think about my stories. Hopefully, that ship will dock soon, so I can say goodbye to the road for good. Then I can spend more time crafting the many stories I have rattling around my chaotic brain.

Bye for now

That should just about do it for my first post. Please feel free to leave a comment. And if you like fiction, simple poetry, and other random and potentially weird stuff, visit again soon. Bye for now.

By Daniel MacKillican

Daniel MacKillican is a British writer, lucid dreamer, blogger, wine lover, and struggling yet optimistic indie author.

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Thank you for liking my blog, ReadMyLips.home blog. Imagine my surprise when I checked your profile and saw you authored “Ama”. Such an unusual name Ama & it so happens my only sister is named Ama. I have to say I’m unsure how to feel about a horror story with Ama as the central character. As genres go, horror is not one of my favorites but one never knows where the road will lead.
Best wishes for your continued success.
Sandra Hardy
Savannah, GA

Thanks for leaving a comment, Sandra. Your sister has a cool name.

Although I hate the idea of steering someone away from reading or listening to my novel, if horror fiction isn’t your cup of tea, I would have to say it’s probably not a good idea because, as a lot of readers have said, Ama is brutal.

But there are plenty of other things on my website that I think you might enjoy. Not everything I post is dark and twisted, a lot is but not all ;0)

I’m always amazed at how stealthy Raya can be at times. I can leave her snoozing happily and snoring loudly on one side of the house, yet by the time I get to the other side and even think about opening her treats jar, she becomes ninja-dog and appears in the room next to me without a sound. Considering her size and the fact that she normally moves around like a furry tank or SWAT team on a bust, this is quite a feat.

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