A thirsty rock monster

I caught sight of this amazing creature while walking through the woodland at Shaugh Prior, on Dartmoor. The rock monster was taking a drink from the crystal clear waters of the River Plym.

I watched it for a few seconds before it became aware of me and froze. I don’t know why they are called ‘monsters’, because they are shy creatures really. Some people mistake them for trolls, but it is usually quite easy to tell them apart; a Rock Monster has flowery protuberances on its head, whereas Trolls have wart-like growths.

Anyway, I took a picture then slowly continued on my way, leaving the thirsty Rock Monster to finish its drink. As the saying goes, ‘You never know what you will find, if you go down to the woods today’.

By Daniel MacKillican

Daniel MacKillican is a British writer, lucid dreamer, blogger, wine lover, and struggling yet optimistic indie author.

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