Google Photos is awesome

If you haven’t discovered Google Photos yet, I highly recommend looking into it. When I first learned about this cool feature of my Google account, I tentatively added a few pics and thought, ‘this could be quite useful’. Then I added a few more, and a few more, until I quickly found myself surrounded by my old ‘physical’ photo albums. Hours passed-by without notice as I snapped away with my mobile phone and digitised the old paper-pics, then I uploaded and waited for the catch: how can this possibly be free? But amazingly it is totally free and with unlimited space (no catch that I’ve found).

I now backup my captured moments like a pro: I go out with my mobile phone poised and ready, and enjoy my hobby of photographing and filming anything and everything that catches my eye (yes, films can also be uploaded to Google Photos), then when I return home I throw my phone on my desk and go and make a coffee while the magic happens. By the time I’ve had my caffeine fix—sometimes it’s a two cup upload time, depending on how click-happy I was while out and about—my pics have winged their way into the digital cloud. No messing around with cables or selecting which pics and movies to upload, it’s all done automatically by the technological fairies.

Another cool feature of Google Photos is the Assistant. Every now and then the Assistant will have a play around with the movies and pics: throwing some fairy-dust on an image and making it sparkle a bit more, or making little animations of similar images, and also it sometimes makes films of what’s been uploaded and adds a soundtrack to it. To say that I’m impressed with Google Photos would be an understatement, because I think it’s bloody awesome. I may sound like a teenage boy who’s just discovered how to undo a woman’s bra with one hand, but credit where credit’s due: it’s cool and useful.

The video above is an example of a film the assistant in Google Photos made for me from some photos and films I took the other day. Apart from taking the shots, I had absolutely nothing to do with this creation; all I did was smile and click save. I have barely scratched the surface of what Google Photos can do, the video below is one of the promo vids from Google and explains a bit more about it.

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