Talking to myself while watching the naughty fairies

Although I know I had loads of dreams last night, yet again I can only remember a fragment of one. And yet again, the substance of that dream should have given me a hefty slap across my sleeping mind, as it screamed, “You’re dreaming! Quick, switch to lucid mode.” Here’s the dream:

“They’re the naughty fairies.”

I’m walking across the local park (which is exact in every way to the real one), when I spot a guy flying a kite. I walk over to him and watch for a moment as the kite soars across the sky.

“Hello,” I say.

The man turns to me, smiles, and returns the greeting. I recognise the guy as me; only me from a few years ago, when I had longer hair (not a good look).

“You’re me,” I say. I’m not shocked, just happy to meet myself—yeah, I know that sounded a bit narcissistic—I talk to myself quite a bit in the ‘real’ world, so to have a tangible me to look at while conversing is cool. This is the dream sign that should have turned-on the old light bulb in my head, but, alas, it didn’t.

My doppelgänger looks over to my right and at the rather lovely natural flower-bed that borders the park. I turn to follow his/my gaze. Flashes of light are weaving amongst the poppies, large daisies, and cornucopia of other beautiful flowers waving in the lazy breeze.

“What are they?” I ask my doppelgänger, while watching the fantastical display.

“They’re the naughty fairies.”

The above picture was taken by my wife (Linda) at a magical place called ‘Fairy Glen’ on the Isle of Skye in Scotland (it was taken a few years ago and, as far as I know, has absolutely nothing to do with the dream). The idiot battling with vertigo on top of the large rock is yours truly.

If you get the chance, I highly recommend paying Fairy Glen a visit; because it is otherworldly. It is located here:

3 Replies to “Talking to myself while watching the naughty fairies”

  1. Hello Daniel MacKillican,

    It is interesting how even seeing other versions of ourselves in dreams often do not make us question whether we are dreaming or not, this has happened to me before as well.

    The naughty fairies sounds like it would make a nice title for something. 😀

    Thank you for sharing your dream.

    I finally joined the lucid dreaming club again by having my first lucid dream ( in a while thanks to me finally trying one of Lost Truth’s techniques that she mentioned on her blog not long ago.

    Maybe her technique will work for you as well, and then you can join the lucid dreaming club again too. 😉

    Good luck,
    -John Jr

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    1. Hi, John.
      I’m spending so much time wrapped-up in imaginary worlds while writing my next book, that it might be making it hard for me to distinguish between realities; whatever reality really is.., but that’s a whole different topic.., or maybe it’s not o_O

      I’ve started putting more effort into improving my sleep cycle and awareness—looking deeper into the details of the world around me while awake—so hopefully this will also improve my chances of stepping through the looking glass and onward into a lucid dream.

      Congrats on your own lucid experience. I’ll open my dream eyes one day, and when I do, I have a long list of things I want to try 😉

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