My audiobook is now free

Technically the audiobook version of Ama has always been available for free (via the Audible trial thingy), but now each chapter on my website has the corresponding audio narration too, which is taken directly from the audiobook. The full Ama audiobook is also available on YouTube.

What the hell! You’re letting people read and listen to your novel for free?

Yep! Because it’s not all about the money—although it would be cool if people left a tip if they liked it. I spent a lot of time, money, sweat, and tears (literally) writing Ama, and I want it to be read and enjoyed by as many horror fiction lovers as possible. I don’t want it disappearing into obscurity like so many other good books.

So, if you like a damn good horror story and would like to hear a super talented voice actor—by the name of Matthew Lloyd Davies—read my novel to you, choose from the two options below. And if you don’t like horror fiction, please share a link to either with someone who does.

Enjoy Ama on this website
Listen to the full audiobook on YouTube

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