4 Replies to “Observing the observer”

      1. You are welcome Daniel Mackillican. 🙂

        I would be doing these weekly Photo Challenges sometimes too if I actually took my own photographs, but I do not so I stopped doing them so that I would not be breaking the rules.

        I sometimes do the Daily Prompts, but very rarely now because I am not a fan of the new one-word prompt format.

        I used to do the Discover Challenges sometimes, but they got rid of that one.

        I do post every day, and so maybe I should start adding the Postaday tag to my posts so that I can start participating in their Postaday challenge.

        If you do decided to try the Photo Challenges or any of their other challenges (https://dailypost.wordpress.com/challenge-instructions/), make sure to always link to the challenge that you are doing in your post so that your post will show up in the list of people who did the challenge, and that list will show a thumbnail of your post that people can click on to reach your post.

        Doing these challenges on The Daily Post can help bloggers connect with other bloggers, and so if you decide to try one expect an increase in your views and likes and maybe even comments. 😉

        Good luck,
        -John Jr

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