Ama screenplay – First draft – Scene 16 (2nd continuation) to 18

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16. (continued)

PETER has gone.

VERMIS is naked from the waist up. His belly is open in a vertical cut from button to breast, his bowels trailing out from the open wound and being devoured by HOBS. VERMIS is jerked forward as HOBS tugs on the human sausage a little too hard. A contented smile rests on the old man’s face while he continues to feed himself to HOBS, piece by glistening piece. VERMIS appears happy to pull the contents of his own belly out and offer them to the hungry, oversized wolf-dog. Unlike SAMAEL and JASON, VERMIS has blood, lots of blood, which pours from his open belly.

JASON stumbles back in fear against SAMAEL.


All… for you… my beauty.
(murmurs as his life ebbs away)
You can… have it all.

LILITH is naked and an incredibly beautiful woman. She has long silky hair that falls as loose curls, which lap against the outline of her glorious curves and flow around her ample breasts in luminous waves. Her hair shimmers through a spectrum of burning shades, like tender flames, as they lick at her bare porcelain skin. She has astonishing sapphire-blue eyes which sparkle from deep within the fire. In LILITH’S right hand is a foot-long dagger, its handle and guard dotted with sparkling gemstones, its blade dripping with blood.


I told you Lilith was real. Real as real can be. Isn’t she magnificent? Wouldn’t you like to slip between her thighs? And if she resists, like you hope she will, hold her down and—


You must be Jason Drake.



Oh, God.


No. You are one of my toys now.

Without the slightest drop in her gaze, or perceptible effort, LILITH swings the dagger out in a wide arc and decapitates VERMIS in one unbroken move.

VERMIS’S head flies back in a spin as a jet of thick blood spurts from the exposed flesh of his neck. The head bounces off the pub’s window with a dull thud and comes to rest beneath it.

HOBS drags the remains of VERMIS from the chair to the floor and rips at the corpse with teeth and claw.


Never mind Vermis, Jason, focus on Lilith’s beauty.

SAMAEL pushes JASON towards LILITH.


The walls and ceiling of the pub are on fire.


Go on, Jason, feed your desire. Dominate her. Have her. Rape the succulent bitch!

JASON steps out of himself and becomes two (a second JASON), like an out-of-body experience. The second JASON’S clothes catch fire as he walks towards LILITH and quickly burn away to ash. The second JASON’S naked body turns black and starts to flake away as he reaches out a hand for LILITH.

LILITH steps closer to the second JASON, and kisses his cheek.

The second JASON crumbles away to ash.


LILITH has an elegant smile as she teases her aroused nipples with the point of the dagger.

JASON squeezes his eyes shut.


It’s the drugs… I’m still in hospital. It’s not real. It’s not real!



No, Jason, you’re not in prison anymore. You’re dead. You died in your cell. I’ll let you have that memory back soon enough. You get one death in that world, but you’ll have many within mine. I’m here to take you home with me.



What? I’m not dead. I wanted to die. I’m still here though. No, not here. I didn’t die. I’m not dead… It’s the drugs, that’s all… Are you the Devil?

LILITH strokes Hobs’ head with a tender hand. HOBS looks up at her, flesh hanging from its fierce jaws.


No, I’m not the Devil.


She’s far more beautiful than that pathetic creature.

HOBS turns its head and fixes SAMAEL with glowing red eyes, then releases a low, deep growl, its hackles rise, and a wave of silver flashes across its fur.

LILITH throws the dagger down and towards SAMAEL’S feet.


Samael, cut out your eyes for me.

SAMAEL crouches down and picks up the dagger.


But… I want to use these eyes to watch. Please, let me use the fat man’s eyes.


Cut them out, or I shall pluck them out myself.

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