Strange but not quite a nightmare

Not a good night

Last night my sleep pattern went completely off the rails due to not feeling tip-top. All in all I managed to get about five hours kip. Below are the vague and confusing fragments of a few dreams I had. I can’t believe that I didn’t become lucid during these dreams, as there were so many odd moments that should have made me realise ‘I’m dreaming’.

Before the dream, here’s a useful bedtime read

Are You Dreaming?: Exploring Lucid Dreams: A Comprehensive Guide by Daniel LoveI’m currently reading Are You Dreaming?: Exploring Lucid Dreams: A Comprehensive Guide by Daniel Love, of which I highly recommend to anybody who wants to learn more about the fascinating subject of lucid dreams, specifically how to improve your chances of having them. In the book, Daniel mentions that he has a tattoo on his wrist which simply reads ‘Dream?’, to remind him to ask himself if he is dreaming whenever he sees his tattoo. The idea being that if you make a habit of asking yourself if you’re dreaming during your waking day, you may ask the same question of yourself while in a dream and subsequently have the wonderful realisation that yes, you are indeed in the midst of a dream, thereby triggering your lucid dream adventure.

Although I am enthusiastic about lucid dreaming, the same cannot be said about the idea of getting a tattoo done—I might work up the nerve to do it one day, but right now I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a wuss about the idea. So, I’ve made a simple paracord bracelet for myself instead, complete with alphabet beads spelling out the word ‘Dreaming’. Hopefully, this should serve the same purpose as a tattoo and remind me to ask myself the question: Is this a dream? Or is there really a bug-eyed monster about to run off with my jeans?

Anyway, here is my dream journal entry for last night … or this morning … Ah! You know what I mean:

I’m in a department store. I let a woman walk through a small gap between the display shelves, before me. She thinks I made a derogatory comment about her as she passed by and proceeds to tell the other shoppers what a horrible man I am. The other shoppers all start having a go at me. I protest my innocence by telling them that I made no such comment, but they don’t listen to anything I say. I tell one particular guy, who is becoming particularly aggressive towards me, that I would be happy to beat him senseless with the nearest clothes-rack if he doesn’t shut the hell up.

I’m now in a large open-plan office, being chased by some kind of ghost—I can’t see it, but I know it’s there. Suddenly a large pen (a foot long novelty pen of some kind) starts moving down the corridor, which is at the end of the office, towards me. I grab it as it slowly slides over a sofa, because I know that if it takes to the air it will fly at me like a missile. The pen tries to get away from me, but I keep hold of it as it drags me around the office.

I’m now standing in the middle of a street. A woman suddenly appears in front of me with a big smile on her face; she also has two different coloured eyes. I know that she can vanish at will and become a demon or ghost—was this the same spirit from the office? I’m not sure—so I put my arm around her to stop her from going anywhere. She says that the only way I can stop her from becoming a ghost again is if I buy her a drink. She gets on the back of my moped and we ride off together. We are soon riding along some rough streets where ghosts seem to be mingling with gangs of yobs and shouting at me and my demoness passenger. We’re on an incredibly high stone bridge, and then… That’s it.

I wake up and concentrate on remembering my dreams for a few minutes, before grabbing my phone and making notes.

12 Replies to “Strange but not quite a nightmare”

  1. Hello Daniel MacKillican,

    It is amazing how we often do not realize that we are dreaming when strange things happen like in your dreams in this post.

    Your bracelet idea was much better than getting a tattoo in my opinion, well done.

    Doing reality checks during the day and before going to sleep, and setting the intention to lucid dream before going to sleep (looking in a mirror at yourself while doing this helps some people) definitely helps to increase the chance(s) of having lucid dreams for most people it seems.

    Those were some interesting short dream fragments that you had there, I had to look up what a yob was 😀 , thank you for sharing your dreams.

    Voice recording your dreams using a recording device near your bed after waking up helps some people to quickly and easily record their dreams with less disturbance to their sleep than writing or typing.

    I rarely lucid dream, because I usually do not practice reality checks or set the intention to lucid dream before going to sleep, but I have in the past when doing those things and just naturally when finally noticing something strange in the dream and when doing reality checks in a dream like counting my fingers (I probably noticed that my hands and/or fingers looked strange) and asking a dream character if this was a dream (the dream character replied that yes this was a dream 😀 ).

    Good luck,
    -John Jr

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    1. Hi, John. And thank you for your comment.

      I rarely have dreams that mirror my day to day waking life; more often than not something is going on in my dreams that should make me stop and think ‘That’s odd, this must be a dream’, but alas, no. I continue to interact with ghosts, demons, and other weird and wonderfuls, as if this is the norm for me. The only reason, that I can think off, for not realising that I’m dreaming when these bizarre things are going on is that, as a writer, I already spend so much of my time wandering around within my imagination that I don’t notice.

      My bracelet is definitely having the desired effect, in fact, reality checking is becoming a bit of an obsession for me, which is obviously the point, so hopefully this with eventually filter through to my dreams. So far I have only had one true lucid dream, that I can remember (which I wrote about in this post:, and that was triggered when I looked at my hand and saw tiny smiling faces at the top of each of my fingers and thumb. Unfortunately, I became so excited about the fact that I was having a lucid dream, that I woke myself up before I could really enjoy it.

      I have tried to use the voice recorder on my phone, but it seems to have the rabbit-in-the-headlights effect on me, and I just stutter and stammer through the whole recording. Whenever I have actually manage to get through this ordeal, I inevitably end up with a ten minute recording of something I could have said in less than one. And listening to my Bristolian accent just makes me want to throw my phone across the room.

      Lucid dreams have such wonderful potential, that it is worth persevering.


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      1. You are welcome Daniel MacKillican.

        For me it is probably the opposite, most of my dreams are pretty normal, but when they are not I still usually do not realize that I am dreaming because I often try to rationalize things during the dream or I get interrupted before I can investigate the strangeness further; and so we both would probably benefit from looking for common things in our dreams that we could train ourselves to recognize to realize that we are dreaming and/or to start reality checking to see if we are dreaming.

        I hope that your bracelet experiment works out for you.

        That is unfortunate, your are not along when it comes to having difficulties voice recording dreams, I guess I am fortunate that this is not usually a problem for me even though sometimes can not understand what I said my voice recordings either but that is rare. 😀

        What helps when voice recording dreams or recording dreams in general is to make up a list of things to focus on remembering and recording and breaking down the dreams with overviews and then a focus on the details, this differs depending on the person, and once you come up with your own strategy it can be easier.

        I agree, oddly I usually do not try to lucid dream almost like I am afraid that I will start lucid dreaming too much and start losing the ability to dream normally and be surprised, that and/or I am just too lazy to try most of the time. 😀

        Good luck and I might try setting the intention to lucid dream before going to sleep tonight and if the dream does go lucid I would probably want to try talking with one or more dream characters to ask them questions to see if I can learn more about myself and my subconscious et cetera by asking them deep questions et cetera.

        -John Jr

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      2. If I ever manage to get over my aversion to recording myself, I will definitely be uploading the audio to my website, if purely for the comedy value.

        Since having my first, and so far only, lucid dream, I have made a mental list of the sort of things that I would like to try and do: some for pure fun, some to help me deal with personal life traumas, and other things as experimentation. I just hope my excitement doesn’t get the better of me when it eventually happens.


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      3. I hate my own voice and I also do not upload my voice recordings for privacy and security reasons.

        Making a list is good and so is continuing to train yourself and set your intentions every night before going to sleep, I think that you will do well, just remember your training. 😉

        -John Jr

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  2. Hello Daniel MacKillican,

    How is the lucid dreaming training/practice going?

    I have been mostly forgetting to set my intentions before going to sleep and I have not been doing much training/practice, but I still seem to be getting closer to lucid dreaming the last two nights in a row where I came close to doing a reality check in one dream ( but I was paralyzed before I could take cover and probably do it and in another dream ( I accidentally used my last resort reality check instead of the normal ones.

    My new idea is to use a modified version of the Mr. Charles tactic from the film Inception, make Remember Your Training a code word/trigger word and use that scene in the film as an example and trigger, and maybe even trigger a Mr. Charles-like character in the dream if I failed to remember on my own. 😉

    I just have to remember to practice it and view that scene sometimes, and set reminders/intentions before going to sleep.

    -John Jr

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    1. Hi John,
      I’ve recently started writing my new novel, and since I like to write whenever my creative juices are flowing, regardless of the time of day, to say that my sleep pattern has gone to pot, would be an understatement. When I do sleep, my dreams are unfortunately a bit vague and fuzzy—which is one of the reasons I haven’t written about any lately. I’m experiencing lots of hypnagogic hallucinations though, which tends to happen with sleep deprivation.

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      1. Good evening Daniel MacKillican,

        Oh, that is unfortunate, that can definitely have a negative effect on that; but it is good that you are making progress on your new novel, and it does give me a chance to try to be the first to have a lucid dream again. 😉

        I still find it interesting that you seem to have so many hypnagogic hallucinations, which I may have never had but I have had some hypnopompic hallucinations but no where near as many as you, but you are correct about sleep deprivation having he possibility to cause those; and so that is probably one of the main reasons you have had so many.

        Good luck, and may the first man lucid dream. 🛌🏾💭

        -John Jr

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  3. I loved this post and especially as I’m always having lucid dreams. (Not intentionally I might add as some of my dreams are really gruesome). It’s even weirder because I recently wrote about one of my better dreams this week on my blog in the same week I come across your blog. Strange?! Thanks for the book recommendation too. I’ll have to check it out.

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