A floating feeling

Why can’t I do it in reality?

Some dreams are so incredible that coming back to reality can be a bit of a disappointment. This was one such dream I had when I was a teenager. I can’t remember how old I was exactly, but I can still remember feeling somewhat depressed when I awoke and realised that I did not really have the abilities I had while in dreamland.

Take a deep breath and dream

I was alone in my house, which looked exactly as it should—nothing at all bizarre or strange so far. I was upstairs, looking down the staircase. I suddenly noticed that every time I breathed out, I felt lighter. The longer I exhaled for, the lighter I became. I played with this feeling for a while, and soon became aware that I was starting to float, for only a second or two before landing again. The deeper and longer my breaths became, the more height I gained and longer I spent airborne; as my feet dangled in mid-air I had to take care not to bash my head against the ceiling. Well, this was obviously a lot of fun, but I didn’t just want to float, I wanted to fly about. So that’s what I did; I ran along the landing, took a deep breath, and breathed out as slowly as I could as I leapt over the banister rail. I flew down the stairs and on through the rest of the house. But there were walls and doors and other things that hindered my flight—this was spoiling my fun. No, I thought, I’m sure that I can simply move through all the obstacles.

I was in no doubt about my ghost-like abilities, in fact it seemed absurd for me not to be able to pass through a wall while I was flying. I just needed to relax, that’s all. Take a deep breath, breathe out slowly and r-e-l-a-x. In no time I was a flying Zen master, gliding not only through the air, but also through walls as if they were no more substantial than thick fog. Sometimes I would get stuck for a moment, when I tried to go through a wall or the ceiling. This just made me laugh, until I relaxed enough to break free and continue on my merry way.

Back to reality with a bump

When I woke up from this dream I seriously thought that, as long as I did everything as I had done in the dream, I would be able to float, fly, and move through walls. Deep breaths, relax, and up, up, up and away I will go… Thankfully, I did not attempt to run and jump over the banister. That would probably have resulted in another kind of sleep.

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