We are listening to the same song

My cool dream-time tunes

I’m wearing headphones and listening to a song while walking along a familiar street. I know every verse to this song, and the addictive tune gives me a happy, albeit unintentional, skip to my step. A woman is walking in the other direction, and as we are about to pass each other, I notice that she is mouthing the words—in time—with the song I’m hearing through my headphones.

“Wait!” I call out to the woman. I wrench a 1980’s style personal stereo—a plastic brick—from my pocket and wave it about in front of the woman. “We are listening to the same song. How cool is that?”

I don’t know if it was the sight of a madman trying to talk to her in the middle of the street, or the sight of my ancient entertainment device, but, after a confused moment, the woman gave me a disdainful glance and walked off. I continued on my way, muttering sarcastic rebuttals to myself.

My original earworm

I woke up, humming the tune while the lyrics echoed around inside my head; it was an original song, with a pleasant melody, and it had actually become a lively ear-worm; although, as I was about to discover, a short-lived one. I need to write this down… I need to record myself humming the tune… Paper… Pen… Laptop… Quick, write it down… Record it! But, like a sudden wind giving enthusiasm to the leaves on a tree, the lyrics and tune flew away from me, and the memory of that dream began to crumble. In a short moment the song had stopped playing.

Had I really created an original song from within a dream?

I’ve read about artists creating original works: music, paintings, and stories, while enabled by the freedom of a dream. Or had the song been complete gibberish; fantastic and wonderful to my dream-world ears, but no more than incoherent nonsense when I try to replay the song in my waking state. I believe it was an original and complete song, but I will probably never know. Unless my old musical plastic brick plays again tonight.

7 Replies to “We are listening to the same song”

  1. Hello Daniel MacKillican,

    First of all it was cool that you actually used headphones and an old personal music player, when I think about it, I am not sure if I have used headphones in any dreams or not (probably, but very rare).

    Second, the woman’s reaction in your dream was hilarious.

    Finally, I think that it is cool that not only did you seem to have an original song in your dream, but that you woke up remembering it at first.

    I hate when things slip from your mind right in front of you like that, I wonder would a voice recording device had helped in that situation.

    I have had some original songs in some of my dreams as well, probably mostly in French, but I always forget them when I wake up (mostly because I am not even at a basic level in French). 😀

    Thank you for sharing your dream,
    -John Jr

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      1. Hello Daniel MacKillican,


        Good, now you are ready for the next time that this happens, and I look forward to your future original dream made song that might go platinum. 😀

        Thank you for replying,
        -John Jr

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      2. That definitely makes sense to me, I would rather be reclusive as well.

        But I was actually not even imagining you singing or playing the music, for some reason, so I was imagining someone else taking the lyrics that you record and the music that you hummed and turning it into a full song that they will record while you get paid some of the royalties. 😉

        -John Jr

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