Novel to movie script to millionaire

I’m ever the optimist, as you can probably tell from the title of this post. Anyway, back in the real world, I’m happy to be able to say that my first novel has now been read, and the audiobook version listened to, by people in some pretty far off places. Some of those good folks have actually taken the time to let me know how much they liked it—makes me bounce around like a child every time.

I’ve made a start on my next novel, well, in actuality I’ve been making notes and outlines for two new novels. One is another horror story and the other is a science-fiction piece, but I’m still not sure which one I want to dive into first. And as I like to make life as difficult as possible for myself, I’ve also started working on the movie script for Ama too. Apart from the obvious, that it would blow my socks off if my book was made into a film, I also want to have a crack at writing a movie script to broaden my scope as a writer—the fact that I’m a control freak might also have something to do with me not wanting someone else to write the screenplay for my novel.

I’ll sign off on this post by saying that I hope people are enjoying my serialisation of Ama. A new chapter hits this digital realm every week. No set day, just whenever I can be bothered to do a bit of copy-and-pasting from my master copy. Of course, if you don’t want to wait nearly a year to find out what happens at the end, you could always buy a copy of Ama—that would make me bounce around the room too…I like bouncing.

Do you have any thoughts about this post?

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