Big guns and the piano mountain

Here are a couple of my recent dreams. Unfortunately, my circadian rhythm is still a bit off-key, so my dreams are still occurring as short fragments.

Big Guns

I’m in a helicopter, flying over a forest landscape. I hold tight to the harness of my seat, so I don’t fall out of the open door as the helicopter rolls violently to the right. I can see that there is a battle going on down there. About eight tanks are flattening trees and firing at another helicopter which is hovering just above the tree-line. The helicopter looks like something from a cartoon or video game, with a massive bouquet of cannons protruding from its tail and blasting away at its pursuers.

The Piano Mountain

The mountain is daunting, and the climb is very hard going, but I’m determined to make it to the top. It doesn’t strike me as peculiar that I find myself climbing a mountain which is made entirely from grand pianos. The thing that plays on my mind, as I continue to ascend, is why the mountain should be within the confines of an enormous greenhouse. I reach up and take hold of the highly polished dark wood of the last piano, then I haul myself up. Once I am standing, triumphant on the summit, I look down to the base of the piano mountain, and see a small number of people applauding my successful climb.

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