About the Ama book trailers

Book trailers are a thing? Cool! I can do that.

Ama book trailer 1

(Soundtrack is a sample from the audiobook)

No sleep, but fun

One of my many geeky hobbies is messing around with 3D modeling and playing within virtual worlds of my own creation. I’m by no means a professional, not even close, but it can be a fun way to see hours of my life vanish without a trace—I’ve lost track of the amount of days that have blended seamlessly into the next, without a chance for me to pay homage to my bed. So, when I realised that a book trailer could be another means by which to shout about my novel from the digital rooftops, I thought, cool! I can do that.

While the Ama manuscript was off being checked by Richard Sheehan (A professional Copy-editor and Proofreader), I set to work creating a book trailer. Oh dear… Grand plans, high hopes, and an awful lot of banging my head against the nearest wall. I’m happy with the end result, but it’s far from the storyboard I’d sketched out within my tormented brain. The original idea was for a lot more animation, complete with a music score (a simple yet haunting folk tune called ‘Cruel Mother‘, also known as ‘Fine Flowers in the Valley‘) and sound effects. I was also going to record the narration myself—I’m so glad I came to my senses about this and paid a professional voice artist (a talented man by the name of Matthew Lloyd Davies) to record the audiobook version of Ama for me, of which I used short samples as the audio for both book trailers.

This is part of the original Ama book trailer soundtrack

Tools I used to create the book trailers

I used various software to create my book trailers: Blender and MakeHuman, for the modeling and animation; GIMP for creating the textures and polishing each frame of film; MuseScore for composing the music score (which, although it sounded good, I did not use in the final version); Audacity for editing the audio; and Openshot for rendering the final film. All of the aforementioned running happily on Ubuntu, my operating system of choice.

Ama book trailer 2

(Audio is Chapter 1 from the audiobook, images are test renders)

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