Welcome to my official website and blog. My name, as you might have guessed, is Daniel MacKillican. I’m a British author and digital artist. As well as novels, I also enjoy writing my thoughts down in the form of poems, making relaxing videos, taking photos of anything and everything that piques my interest, and I am fascinated by the realm of lucid dreams. This website is where I let my mind and creative spirit dance. I like to write as I speak, so be prepared for the odd swear word here and there. Take a look around and enjoy.

A taste of what’s on my website

Ama – A horror story about life, death, and the hell that awaits

Paperback book cover design for my horror novel Ama

Death is not the end for Jason Drake. Because of the murder he committed in life, hell awaits him. But Jason is not concerned about his own soul, he wants a chance to save his daughter, and give her back the life that was taken away too soon. A demon offers him this chance, if he plays her simple game.

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The Wriggler – A short story

The Wriggler

Why do they hang them from the trees like that? Oh, I’m not complaining, but it makes no sense to me at all. I can understand hanging the old ones, and maybe some of the rotten ones too, but this one looks quite young and healthy. He will taste good, I’m sure of that. The last one they hung up was a young one too. I enjoyed picking at that one for weeks, and fed ’till the bones fell with the leaves.

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When three became two – A poem

Old derelict house on Dartmoor

It was a simple country house; a peaceful, secluded home
A family nest of brick and stone.

The age for this domicile I’m sure was high
For it was around to see horse and cart drive by.

Centuries had passed with the tick-tock of life
Without a moment of noteworthy strife.

But this house had a secret, of that I am sure
Stick with me, dear reader, and I shall tell you more.

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Dreaming of Death, who looks a bit grey – Dream journal

Dreaming of Death, who looks a bit grey

I’m driving a car at great speed, while chasing another car. The other car skids to a halt along an ordinary suburban street. A large figure jumps out of the car… Death? Well, he looks like the archetypal Grim Reaper: Very tall and dressed in a long, hooded cloak, although he appears to have left his scythe in the car. The cloak is a bit odd-looking though, as it is not black but a rather washed-out grey colour instead. But I’m in no doubt as to what he is, as I watch him—Death—run off.

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The bones of a movie script – Random stuff

This post is not intended to be a tutorial, it is a way to hopefully force what I have learned so far to make a home in my sieve-like brain. I’m aware that the chances of my screenplay ever being held in the excited hands of someone like Guillermo del Toro are slim to Planck length, but if I’m gunna do it, I’m gunna do it right! I’m also a Virgo, which apparently makes me a perfectionist…I’m joking; I like looking at the stars but I don’t believe they pay much attention to my comings and goings. I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent here…I have a tendency to do that…it’s like when…shit, I’m doing it again.

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There’s loads more, so take a look around. I hope you enjoy your visit 😉

Novels by Daniel MacKillican


Ama (Horror fiction)
Ama by Daniel MacKillican ebook cover
Synopsis: Death is not the end for Jason Drake. Because of the murder he committed in life, hell awaits him. But Jason is not concerned about his own soul, he wants a chance to save his daughter, and give her back the life that was taken away too soon. A demon offers him this chance, if he plays her simple game.

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Currently writing:

Untitled (Science fiction)
About: Life isn’t what it seems to be, and for a lucky few, paradise is waiting.

Making notes for:

Untitled (Horror fiction)
About: A tormented man finds a release for his anger, while a ghost watches his life deteriorate.

Untitled (Science fiction, Fantasy)
About: A creature from a new universe is thrust into an epic journey of discovery.

Untitled (Drama)
About: Lucid dreaming.

Untitled (Horror fiction, Drama)
About: A man is tormented by a demon for an accidental death he caused.

About Daniel

Daniel MacKillican is a British writer, poet (this is debatable but he thinks it’s poetry), and author of the horror novel Ama. He came into this world on the fifteenth day of September, 1973. It was a sunny morning in Bathavon, where he opened his eyes for the first time, and the clouds were few and far between.

Life, or so it would seem

Daniel MacKillican a few years ago

After four and a bit decades since that day, and apart from the odd blip here and there, he’s of the opinion that life is quite an interesting adventure and found that his grey matter is spun into motion by a wide variety of things—if you spend some time perusing this website, you will soon become aware of just how eclectic Daniel’s interests are; this website is a reflection of that. It is now another sunny day, this time over Devon.

Before writing full-time he had a pretty diverse career, which was far too dull to reference. One of the most noteworthy moments of employment was as a security guard for a cemetery, not because he liked it or that the job was particularly rewarding, but because of the time it afforded him to spend writing. He whiled-away most nights sat among the gravestones, making notes for his stories by torchlight. I suppose that I could also talk about a couple of businesses ventures he put his hands to, but, like the other jobs, they were tedious in the extreme, and didn’t come to much anyway, so I will move swiftly on.

Becoming a writer

Daniel is a reclusive man, and spends most of his time hidden away musing about the conundrum of life. He has an active, if sometimes a somewhat twisted imagination, and likes to let his thoughts evolve upon the page. He used to rock back and forth in his chair while letting his mind wander, but we won’t talk about that. On the rare occasions that Daniel is out and about he can usually been found muttering to himself, while in a mad rush to get back to his laptop to write down his thoughts; he sometimes uses the voice recorder on his mobile phone to record his thoughts, but his Bristolian accent drives him nuts—Bristol is where he spent most of his early years, where it rains a lot.

Daniel MacKillican and his furry Angel

Daniel has written numerous short stories. Most of these works are in either the horror or science-fiction genre; although, he does occasionally dabble in other areas. Until now, though, he has shied away from letting anyone else read his stories or glance an eye over his penned musings: For fear of being told the work is utter crap and that he should cut the legs of his futile writing bug forthwith. Obviously, this is a bad frame of mind to have. Beacons to this self-deprecation are the numerous writing pads that mingle with the books upon his shelves. These pads were once scrawled upon with enthusiastic vigour, until the pen was capped with an abrupt hand and the covers were slapped shut. The stories were then placed on a shelf between beautiful books written by literary greats, other writers who took that next step and let their stories see the light of day.

At last! A published author

I have no idea why, maybe he’s at that funny age, but now he thinks, ‘What the hell, and come what may, I will publish my work’. Speaking of which, Daniel has serialised Ama on this website; each chapter also has professional audio narration (Taken from the audiobook version), which is rather cool. Click here to be whisked off to Chapter 1 of Ama now. Of course, if you would prefer to read it on your Kindle, or if you like the feel of a proper book in your hands, you could always buy yourself a copy now—he will be sure to raise a glass to you if you do.

He’s a bit odd, antisocial, and weird

Although Daniel is not a fan of social media, so he doesn’t use it much, his virtual persona can be found here: Google+, Goodreads, Amazon, and YouTube. But the contact page on this website is by far the best way to get in touch with him.

Well, that’s me… I mean, that’s him.

Credit for above photos:
Photograph (Top, bottom) taken by Linda MacKillican (Wife)
Photograph (Middle) taken by Lynda MacKillican (Mother)

… I know! What are the odds?