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About Daniel MacKillican

Hi, my name, as you might have guessed, is Daniel MacKillican. I’m a British writer, lucid dreamer, blogger, wine lover, and struggling yet optimistic indie author. I came into this world on the fifteenth day of September 1973, in Bathavon, Somerset, England. A few years passed, then the location for my story changed to Bristol, where I gained my lovely accent and hate of concrete … Read more

Watch the book trailer for my first self-published novel

I’m the author of Ama, a disturbing horror story about life, death, and the hell that awaits. I self-published Ama way back in 2016. If you would like to read the ebook or listen to the audiobook version for free, they are both available on this website. Of course, if you would like to support this indie author, you can buy a copy from Amazon, Audible, Google Play, and iTunes. The audiobook version of Ama is also available for free from Audible with their 30-day trial thingy.

Enjoy the horror of Ama now


Editing a proof copy of my novel before self-publishing

I’ve always wanted to be an indie author and self-publish my writing. And although making a fortune, or even a living from my writing would be wonderful, money is not my driving force. Unlike some authors who resort to self-publishing only after wallpapering their house with rejection letters, the manuscript for Ama has never graced the desk of an agent or publisher, nor will any of my future novels. I love creative writing and enjoy the process of self-publishing … Read more

Dream journal

As well as trying to be creative in this reality, I also enjoy experiencing hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations and trying to consciously explore my dreams. Sometimes, I manage to control my dreams with God-like powers (aka lucid dreams). I intend to keep a record of my dream-time adventures in the form of a dream journal on this website, which will make for some weird reads … Read more


I’ll freely admit that I’m no pro with a camera but I do enjoy whipping out my phone and taking pictures of anything that piques my interest. Any picture I add to my website will usually be accompanied by a short story; just a simple sentence or two of whatever the photograph brought to mind … See more


Why do they hang them from the trees like that? Oh, I’m not complaining, but it makes no sense to me at all. I can understand hanging the old ones, and maybe some of the rotten ones too, but this one looks quite young and healthy. He will taste good, I’m sure of that. The last one they hung up was a young one too. I enjoyed picking at that one for weeks, and fed ’till the bones fell with the leaves … Read more